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As soon as I complete the software I will need to accomplish what I do now, it's adios Windoze. Just wanted to share the thought of "repairing the o/s" before "formatting ". Most of the comments are similar, people with Admin privilege not being to change the permissions. I'd say this is a huge Bug. http://pcialliance.org/hijackthis-log/hijackthis-log-is-it-everything-ok-with-my-laptop.html

Way to go Microsoft. It has been working for me. We only use Vista for testing, not for development or day to day work. Delving further into the issue, what's happening is that Microsoft is trying to add extra security to prevent "Malware" from getting onto your computer.

Windows Vista is still too new that most people haven't yet figured out this is a Windows Vista issue. Staff Online Now Admin. If you set the program to demand Admin access each time (with an annoying popup) it goes away.

Instruct the users to be more carefull when on the Internet. I did turn off UAC when i first got vista, but i turned it off and on to try and fix the problem and nothing there. We just have to learn how to use it. the problem is, it turned all of them on every drive into read only simultaniously.in about 2 seconds.

How, in their wildest dreams could anyone think this would work and be a better sestem??????? I'm not going to explain in details what I or others could do with those files. Make sure the user who's running the process owns the files. click for more info What?

The laptop still has tons of either Spy/Ad/Mal-ware of which I don't know where to begin. regards migest ·September 1st, 2008·5:06 am·Permalink I have manage to solve the files problems, I meesed so much that I am not sure of everything I did, anyhow the two The article did not resolve my issue. Let's take Addition.txt where his real name is listed, and so is everything that he has downloaded (i.e.

So… according to the "diskpart" description, which you can find here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490893.aspx I wrote a BATch file and a script. this This will make that directory (or maybe just that file) accessible to the users you want to have write access. Reckon it must be Chrome-related. I'm not going to explain in details what I or others could do with those files.

This is Thailand. http://pcialliance.org/hijackthis-log/hijackthis-exe-itself-is-not-opening-cant-able-to-get-the-hijackthis-log-file.html Just move the file you want to move read-only out to My Documents, that's it ! The fix I provided in post #7 did remove an adware add-on for Chrome: HR Extension: (No Name) - C:\Users\windows7\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Profile 1\Extensions\ejpbbhjlbipncjklfjjaedaieimbmdda [2012-12-04] http://www.herdprote...eceed07413.aspx The fix also removed a vulnerability in I also have a TP-link TD854W router which will not let me update the primary and secondary DNS addresses as described earlier in this thread.

I vow, I will never run another Microsoft operating system on a machine I own. Jesus! I've not read any good comments about the application.Click to expand... his comment is here Nothing too dodgy, yet at least.I have run Windows clean up, CCleaner, Malwarebyte's Anti Malware and AVG virus scan.

Please specify. That's why people are complaining. And unfortunately that makes it even more annoying… Craig ·November 5th, 2007·9:55 pm·Permalink I do that thing that david said.

I need to modify a file for visual studio to allow it to use a certain SDK.

That's really laughable. They came back. If the Admin wants that Permission then the Admin needs to go & give themselves that permission. (ie if you want your Front door unlocked, go get the key & unlock I can build you a station with a slide rule and calculator, and someone elses' large sum of money, but I cannot write code well.

On my machine, UAC has been turned off from day one (just couldn't live with it…). But my hosts file workaround will partially protect me, and I'm hoping for the best...Both my PC and Android tablet became infected at the same time. That's really nice! http://pcialliance.org/hijackthis-log/hijackthis-log-for-laptop-with-a-catalogue-of-problems.html It's as if you're running as root, and run chmod 777 and Vista's says, I don't think so, you really meant 444.

And yes I'm in Admistrator mode. I'm personally at a loss and will be contacting Microsoft on Monday to see what's going on.