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High Pitched Noise From Speakers


Currently I'm at 3x100% gain, and the noise is so faint I wouldn't even hear it if I wasn't already so familiar with the signal... Best picks Reviews News Tutorials Forum MORE All articles How to Gift Ideas Downloads Tom's Hardware Tom's IT Pro About Tom's Guide Login Your question Get the answer Tom's Guide>Forum>Audio>Speakers making If they're connected to any other device the noise isn't there. I had an aux/rca cable going from the line out of my m/b into my amp/speakers, I swapped my auc cable with an optical audio cable and the sound was gone. Check This Out

makkem December 10, 2013 2:48:51 PM Yes because it is mains power borne you will get noise on all functions. get newer JL amps or get RF noise eliminator... the amp is grounded to the battery selector. If nothing changes, try disconnecting/connecting other cables until you find the culprit.

High Pitch Whine From Car Speakers

Score 0 mduchonie October 20, 2014 5:00:48 AM kapitalistas said:no offense im just saying,but you can say some one else.cause i see the date on last post November 27,2013 12:03:11 pm. at a minimum this will get the line out and audio jack quite far away from the processor area and I really think that's the root cause. http://www.crutchfield.com/learn/learningcenter/car/noise_diagnose.html Most likely the noise is coming through the RCA's, but try the steps above. Next most likely is the speakers.

Anyways, it could be a ground issue. This is the problem, in a nutshell. I have been advised to try a new power supply. High Pitch Sound From Surround Sound Speakers Every port.

Any suggestions? High Pitch Sound From Stereo Speakers It was also too long and balled up near the ballast box. There is a decent amount of information about this on youtube or the internet in general.

Thanks again.

Might try: 1. High Pitch Sound From Receiver I hope MC has remied the issue with the 09s because I was embarassed for MC and aggervated to have to go behind MC and fix something on a new boat. If its a fixed frequency noise and none of the above steps yield a solution then we'll go to the next phase of isolating where the problem lies. For solution get better speakers that doesnt catch on outer radio / mobile signals or vice versa A qualified sound salesman in a reputable shop will be able to assist you

High Pitch Sound From Stereo Speakers

Still no luck Unfortunately I'm no good with a soldering iron. https://forum.quartertothree.com/t/really-annoying-high-pitched-speaker-whine/37252 AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews > Audio > Speakers > Annoying high pitch / frequency coming from speakers Forum Jump: User Control Panel Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online High Pitch Whine From Car Speakers I happen to have one on the far side of my studio room and one on the side where I'm sitting, opposite of where my audio-setup is placed. Laptop Speakers Making High Pitched Noise The filter should be appropriately rated for the AC, it should be earthed (grounded), and as the consequences of getting it wrong could be dangerous, it should be fitted by a

So the question is, is this because my speaker is cheap (U.S. $100 equipvalent), or because of my 3.5 mm to RCA cable? his comment is here perfect!!! Any word from ASUS for you gunslingor? I've changed the gain settings, shut of the mic input, changed the sample rate. Bluetooth High Pitch Noise

Podunk 2007-07-25 08:58:28 UTC #8 Mike_O_Malley: Yes, I do have an Antec supply and yes, I do hear the same whine. So probably not a ground loop problem. The cd player is grounded at the dash. this contact form When i installed the two front speakers I can notice a sustained tone (high pitched) going through them.

From what I remember the inline isolators can degrade the sound and should really only be used as a last option. Logitech Speakers High Pitched Noise Again, it only stops for a second. I am thinking I need to isolate the MOBO from the case ground possibly.

The time now is 04:22 PM.

I had to rerun the ground wires to the same place (stereo 101) to eliminate the ground loop. Its a really high frequency hum, with a crackle of second or so. I'm sure it comes from the speaker because the noise disappears the instant I switch the power of my speakers off. 2. Sony Sound Bar High Pitch Noise I am looking at buying the Sound Blaster ZX since I found a good sale on it but since it did not help gunslingor I am worried it will not help

Smartphone to speakers: clear as day. Now my thread is unsolved again something weird going on there lol. Posted by homibaez on Wed, Dec 1 2010 4:26 PM Will try. navigate here If so, most likely the problem is either the speakers themselves, or your environment (possibly exacerbated by bad cables).