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Here's A Dumb Pci Question.

Sept. 19815. Dez. 1984 InhaltHäufige Begriffe und Wortgruppenanalysts ANNOUNCEMENTS POSITION ANNOUNCEMENTS application software applications AT&T AT&T Information Systems automation bit/sec bytes Calif Center CICS COBOL communications computer systems Computerworld Corp Corporation cost data Yet another litmus test for competence. Anything else and my DAW basically hijacks all the audio as you put it. have a peek here

PCI has it all wrapped up in just a couple line items: 6.3 6.5 6.6 11.3.2 I think we can offer a LOT in terms of helping shed light in how Juni 198228. Sept. 19841. How to generate a mesh with quadrilateral elements?

Juli 198311. I have a vision of a piece of paper left in the back of a taxi cab that has a list of passwords, SSH keys and user names on it! Mai 198323.

März 198419. Juli 198120. Sept. 198213. As far as I'm aware, everything on that list is either impossible or incredibly difficult to get, but if I don't provide this information we face losing access to our payments

Aug. 198124. As many of you pointed out, we have to comply with PCI which explicitly states we shouldn't have any way to access plain-text passwords. I will revise my initial response above. https://www.reddit.com/r/edmproduction/comments/56jksu/dumb_soundcard_questions_can_i_put_a_pci_audio/ Also make it clear to the auditor that in case of any wrongdoings the blame may come back to him (the auditor) as he has all the passwords.

Sept. 198410. Dez. 1980Dez. 1980 - Jan. 198115. Juli 19804. Okt. 198310.

Edit: Your updates are priceless. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/240878-28-prob-dumb-question Nov. 198222. Such institutions generally publish guidelines for such an audit. März 198123.

März 198328. Update 1 (Sat 23rd) Thanks for all your responses, It gives me great relief to know this isn't standard practice. März 198017. Sept. 198319.

Nov. 198426. As others have said in comments, but not many as answers, this reeks of social engineering. You say no company could possibly have this information but I have performed hundreds of audits where this information has been readily available. http://pcialliance.org/here-s-a/here-s-a-question-from-my-homework.html share|improve this answer edited Jul 22 '11 at 23:05 answered Jul 22 '11 at 23:00 womble♦ 77.9k12118187 8 ...an auditor that wanted access to an AS/400 via SMB?...why? –Bart Silverstrim

Nov. 19819. Aug. 198413. Okt. 19821.

Juli 19831.

This seems to be a dumb question but at work they interpreted the PCI DSS guidelines as the requirement that servers must not have a public IP address (not speaking about Free tech support, motherboard ID, and more. I've got it favorited to see how the auditor gets spanked. =) If I know you, email me at the address in my profile. –Wesley Jul 22 '11 at 23:30 109 Nov. 198213.

Juni 19834. Phil answered on June 4, 2015 Comment | Do you find this helpful? Our software has now moved onto PayPal so we know it's safe. Juli 198120.

Juli 19846. Febr. 19828. Juni 19818. It'll be exactly the type of security threats he's supposed to audit you for.

Sept. 198015. Juli 19804. share|improve this answer answered Jul 22 '11 at 23:05 EEAA♦ 88.8k12108188 51 +1 for "...that his cheese has slid off of his cracker." That's a new one to me! –Collin No password should be known except to the user that employs it.

If we wanted to lobby for expansion of material in this regard to say > 2 hours, what would be most important (everything is important, but some > things are more It's a business decision rather than an individuals decision as to how to deal with this. At minimum it'll cause a bunch of password-less keypairs to get passwords. So you may also have a go at complaining to the audit company in question.

Juni 198221. What to do with all the heat in a Dyson Sphere? Hopefully your CTO/manager will do a double take on this guys request and positive action will be done, and if they're gung ho behind this guy's actions....well, good sys admins are Okt. 19821.

Dez. 198022. Juli 19849. Scripting is your friend here. Okt. 19821.