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Here Is My Logs They Need Some Cleaning

He stores them outside without cover so they are exposed to the weather and I am concerned about them being too wet to build with. Thank you! Let sit for a few minutes then rinsed with a rag and copious water. What would I be looking at to provide external protection for the logs, what would be the best material to use, and what time of year would be best to do

Chinking is usually applied over a backer rod, which fills the opening and allows for greater elasticity. Re-assembling on new site. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? What do we need to do to refinish/protect the railing?

Recently have noticed in a few areas, a fluffy, flaky, white material coming out from between the boards and collecting on floor etc. So, I just looked at a log cabin for sale and the cedar smell of the stained interior wood walls & ceiling was overwhelming, since I am very sensitive to smells. Do we put treatment on the inside of the logs(in the house)? About 5 years ago the previous owner power washed the cabin.

Is this mold of some kind and what do I use to clean it? Many thanks View Answer Question: House built in 1976.two story, peaked, Greatroom has exposed sawn beams along all corners and along ridge line. I went to clean out my chimney after last season and my brush got seriously wedged in the top of the chimney,after I finally got it out I looked in there This will leave loose wood fibers, partially attached to the surface and mostly unattached, which look like hairy logs.

Also, when spraying bleach on a wall, start from the bottom and work your way up. The logs are pine and stained natural. Yes. Are new stoves safer?  Do they have less creosote buildup?

Note: Log Maintenance Wash is best for cleaning logs that already have a finish. Is it necessary or preferable to put a coating on it, or can I leave it to turn gray. What can I do to give them some life without taking away the beauty of looking so old? I bought a small log home and 1/2 logs were used so from the outside it looks like a log cabin but when you go inside it is sheetrock.

To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. None of our chimney cleaning customers with properly lined chimneys need their chimneys cleaned more than once per year, and I'm betting you won't either - with or without the Sweeping Pine Mountain Creosote Buster Firelog is not a substitute for a professional inspection and cleaning. or Buy used: $28.17 FREE Shipping on orders over $49.

However, our firelogs emit little to no smoke, so many people with asthma have chosen them as an alternative to burning cordwood or other kinds of firelogs. Our products have not been tested for asthma safety, so legally, we cannot recommend that people with asthma use them. Insulation maybe? Do not reenter the building.

View Answer Question: We live in Alberta in the mountains, and we have a cedar log home and real wood floors. View Answer Question: We have a true redwood, tongue & groove, "D" style, cabin. Everyone hates for us to see our heritage go to vinyl siding, but really do View Answer Question: How can i keep 6" pine boards,on my ceiling from curving on wind won't lift it?

We Keep our inside temperature 72 degrees (F) year around. Second, proper functioning of the venting system (a.k.a. Information and Selection of Stoves and Accessories Are gas stoves cleaner than wood stoves or pellet stoves?

It has darkened with age and dirt and also does not smell fresh.

The basic task of a chimney sweep is to clean chimneys. The previous owners have never used any stain or preservative on the exterior or the interior. Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. I believe the wood has never been finished.

When manufactured fireplaces were first introduced, their UL-Certification Tests did not address the use of firelogs, instead recommending the use of firewood. We used tongue and groove red cedar for our interior partitioned walls and pine tongue and groove for all of our ceilings. View Answer Question: Why do loghomes have issues with icedams? Also making them air tight?Thanks & CHEERS View Answer Question: We live in Florida and have rough cut cedar stair rails.

Sorry, we failed to record your vote. EPA-qualified is a term used for appliances that have been demonstrated to meet the emission levels set by EPA's Voluntary Fireplace and Hydronic Heater Programs and are based on pounds of The logs look great but the knotty pine areas are darkening . A lot of the knots now look black .

The discharge time of the Hearth Guard Fire Extinguishing Spray is four times1 greater than typical household fire extinguishers giving users more time to fight the fire. 1Four times greater than However, the previous homeowner did not repair a roof leak and there are a few areas where water has left a line vertically down the logs. By Erika Mayhew on December 1, 2015Size: Pack of 2 Verified Purchase We had our fireplace professionally cleaned last year. Note: Water based stains can not be used over oil based stains, when in doubt, use an oil based stain.

Can I get my stove certified? View Answer Question: What height do you put the knotty pine up from the floor on the walls? Contact Us Hotlines FOIA Requests Frequent Questions Follow. I know it is not a log home, but think that log home interior methods may work.

View Answer Question: Do you have to use anything on car siding if used indoors or can you leave it like it comes? How do fireplaces compare to wood stoves?  Are they as efficient? A home will usually have a line of discoloration mid-log on the exposed areas and along the bottom few logs where rain water from the roof hits the ground or deck