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Hi Could Anyone Please Help Me?


XenForo add-ons by Waindigo™ ©2015 Waindigo Ltd. Appreciated the help. Good luck! If you use "someone" you are asking a favor.

Return to Map Ask a question Get an answer from MesaStila Resort and Spa staff and past guests. We check 200+ sites for you. I was talking about the rule Venice mentioned, where any is for negative and interrogative sentences, and some is for affirmative sentences. At its December 31 year-end, total Accounts Receivable is $80,100, aged as follows: (1) 1-30 days old, $66,000; (2) 31-90 days old, $11,000; and (3) more than 90 days old, S3.100.

Can Anyone Help Me Please

I think there is a difference. Qualcuno mi può dare/mi dà una mano? Sign Up Have an account? Other natives, what do you say? (Maybe we need a new thread) I would use the contraction when 'have' is an auxiliary: "I've been thinking..." or "I've been there 3 times"

Click "Re-check these updates".On the next screen, your data should appear with a green background, and you should be able to click "Submit these updates".Allow a few days for the merge I think there is a difference. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary DAH, Jan 30, 2007 #7 dennisruc Senior Member english united states You have to use anyone in the negative sounds better than you've , which may Can Anyone Help Me Get A Job london calling, Mar 15, 2014 #12 misterray New Member English - United States london calling said: ↑ I beg to differ.

a. You can say you've got three hours to finish the work. Question: Hi, can anyone please help me to solve this questi... official site One will say, "You are about to merge two separate name pages into one. Are you sure you want to merge this person with Laszlo-Zwickl, Gergely? ..." That's what you want, so check

The name page under the name László-Zwickl Gergely is an incorrect duplicate page for me; I have not been credited under that name format. Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me More or less the same kind of difference there is between "Can I take some cake?" and "Can I take any cake?".So I think I should always use "someone" when asking Prambanan templesb. Zeke Y over 2 years ago OK, I have no clue what's causing this.

Can Anyone Help Me I Need Money

Zeke Y over 2 years ago OK. https://www.englishforums.com/English/CouldSomeoneAnyone/zdwdn/post.htm Over 6 million trees planted Community powered support for IMDb.com New Post Search Community Home Categories About IMDb.com Home Categories About New Post Go Sign In Register Community Home Services: Data Can Anyone Help Me Please You've a long way to go before you learn to speak Chinese fluently. Can Someone Help Me Please By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to allow us to collect information on and off Facebook through cookies.

My given name is Gergely and my family name is Laszlo-Zwickl, and my on-screen credits do not show accent marks on my name. All the credits on both pages are mine, and so Gergely Laszlo-Zwickl 6 Posts 0 Reply Likes Posted 10 months ago Me Too Un-Me Too 1 Follow Unfollow 2 All 5 Replies 10 months ago gromit82, Champion 5160 Posts 4614 Reply I will do that. can be translated by either 'Can anyone help me?' or by 'Can someone help me?', the difference being (in my view) that if I use the word 'someone' I'm pretty sure Can Someone Help Me Financially

Please find the answers below:1. Dismiss You need to sign in to do that Sign in to start searching questions Don't have an account? Thanks, Gergely Me Too Un-Me Too 1 Follow Unfollow 2 Problem Updated 4 months ago Solved Me Too Un-Me Too 1 Follow Unfollow 2 It seams my IMDb profile page got Reis over 2 years ago Hi, could anyone please tell me what is wrong with this code?

I think there is a difference. Can Somebody Help Me Lyrics A. Does anyone have a pencil I can borrow?

tyvm var main = function() { $('.article').click(function() { $('.description').hide(); $(this).children('.description').show(); }); }; $(document).ready(main); 0 votes permalink Hi, which problem is this on? 2766 points Submitted by Zeke Y over 2 years

C. For affirmative we use "some," and for negative and questions we use "any." The exception is you can use "some" in a question to offer someone something... If you use "someone" you are asking a favor. Can Somebody Help Me Movie I'll post it as soon a possible.

Hi, can anyone please help me to solve this question? Sounds like I think the answer 'No' is somewhat probable.Can I take some cake? You have to use someone in the affirmative, no you've to use. Reis over 2 years ago it's 4.10 "Hide other descriptions" and the error is this: "Oops, try again.

Browse hundreds of Accounting tutors. Maybe: Does anyone/someone want this last piece of cake? (Here, I would use 'anyone' and not 'someone')Click to expand... Thank you 27 days ago Problem with this question? i set $40,000 was wrong. 160,000 * 1/4 = 40,000 (Wrong) Thank you Show transcribed image text Innovative Tech Inc. (ITI) uses the percentage of credit sales method to estimate bad

Melbourne, Australia Helpful answer 2Votes Not as helpful While I didn't have my kids with me, there were plenty of options at each meal time they would have been happy with. All rights reserved. Loading... Used to refer to a single person when you do not know who they are or when it is not important who they are; and not usually used in negatives and

Senior Member Australia Australian English The contractions I've/You've to ....... Using 'anyone' often suggests that I think there is a good chance that no-one can do what I am asking. Also, your name appears to be of Hungarian origin, and in Hungarian, names are often given in the opposite order from that used in most Western countries. This conversation is no longer open for comments or replies.

The other form, "Can/Could anyone...?" sounds like I'm asking "Would anyone be able to...?"Oct 25 2007 20:24:13Kooyeen add a comment Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.Hi, I think that the A. When it is pronounced 'haf' we don't usually use the contraction. How much is the breakfast buffet... 2 months ago 2 Answers hi, could anyone please tell me is this hotel has a private beach? 3 months ago 1 Answer Hi ...

Plaosan and Sewu Temple are close / one complex with with Prambanan Temple, while Imogiri King's Cemetery is about one hour drive from Prambanan Temple.We used to organize a full-day tour Can anyone/someone tell me where to find a good pizza? I've a lot to do tomorrow.