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Hitachi Hard Drive Feedback


People assume that drives in external enclosures are exactly the same as bare drives that you can buy at Newegg, at Best Buy, etc. Milk Manson If stupid could fly, you'd be a jet. The easy answer would seem to be to add more electric to the rack, but as anyone who designs datacenters knows it's not that simple. Credit: ChrisPole / iStock More like this Seagate slapped with a class action lawsuit over hard drive failure rates Backblaze will send you a hard drive with your backup data for http://pcialliance.org/hard-drive/hitachi-external-hard-drive.html

SMART 188 – Command_Timeout. For example, by considering only the indicator for failure, some drive has 07-01 07-02 07-03 07-04 07-05 07-06 0 NA NA NA 0 1 Does these records are only the matter ElC It's fine, the units cancel out, don't waste peoples time. Even the replacements they sent me failed, but they wouldn't replace those. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/175089-who-makes-the-most-reliable-hard-drives

Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016

It is well known that different products within each brand can have a huge difference in reliability. I'm brand agnostic, and I make my decisions based on the product, not the sticker on the front. To to lower replacement costs and longer warranty periods. Should I switch to a different manufacturer based on your findings?

Mixing old and new drives of the same model into the batch confuses things. As you read through the comments, you'll notice lots of different criteria… Milk Manson How can something be worse than nothing? I always bought drives for the best $/GB, but now I will specifically exclude Seagate. Hgst External Hard Drive linkdude31 No WD Enterprise (RD or SE) or Black drives tested…what?

I wish. Hgst Hard Drive We have nothing against Toshiba drives, we like to have multiple vendors, but we just have not been able to get the quantity and price we need. Ross Lazarus There's a more complete description of my KM analysis of the raw data in case anyone cares at http://bioinformare.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/survival-analysis-of-hard-disk-drive.html . https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-q1-2016/ every major manufacturer out there has had a few bad models, almost anyone reading this can say they have X brand that has lived for years with no issues and Y

It would be nice if they bought 200 drives of various flavors that are available at a good price per TB at cdw/newegg/amazon/insight/etc. Best Internal Hard Drives WD hard drives Looks OK too me … Specially Their drives Latest Feature like "Secure Park" "Intelli Seek" etccc… http://furqancomputertips.wordpress.com Furqan Hanif These Statistics Looks OK too me, My two Seagate Want a reliable hard drive? Unlike you fancy guys out there who must've had good coolers for your CPU mine was the stock.

Hgst Hard Drive

This would be a much more environmentally friendly approach, and reduces wear and tear. Fortunately, the mirror drive was fine, so I ditched the dead drive and rebuilt the array with another HGST. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016 I'm not interested in what enterprise equipment does. Most Reliable External Hard Drive 2016 Still works, retired when was around 10 years old cus I had bigger HD..

Remember Quantum ? http://pcialliance.org/hard-drive/hitachi-hard-drives-compatible-with-ibm-thinkpad.html Data centers typically have their drives running 99.99% of the time, while the average consumer would not, which is why there is a distinction between consumer and enterprise product. Cloud backup. The WD Blue and Green have failed too many times for me, but I've had good luck with Black. Most Reliable Hard Drive Brand

That is a 50% Fail rate. I would love to read a study from your company or some piece of advice based on your experience. American car companies do not have as high of specifications so their cars fair more often, simple as that. check over here Backblaze's quarterly reports on HDD failure rates and statistics are the best data set we have for measuring drive reliability and performance, so let's take a look at the full year

ender Love your work guys, really awesome reading here. Seagate Vs Western Digital External Hard Drive BDK Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives are extremely reliable. The latter are consumer class disks.

Yes - reliability is certainly the better term - and I am sure there are a few methods I have never heard of that are better suited than the vanilla methods

So details aren't your strong suite, specifically the fact that the article title includes the word "Updated" and it is from April 10th 2015. Should that be a factor? It's still running good with no issues. Most Reliable Portable Hard Drive With that in mind, here’s the hard drive failure rates by manufacturer, we’ve combined all of the drives, regardless of size, for a given manufacturer.

I have used and hosted a CrashPlan server for about 5 years and I rate CrashPlan tech support as by far the best of any company I have ever dealt with. So, yes, you can get a better drive but it will cost you. We needed drives and while we liked using the same model, we utilized what we had. http://pcialliance.org/hard-drive/hitachi-deskstar-hard-drive-not-booting.html Thank you.

See this post right here in this blog about enterprise HDD reliability: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/enterprise-drive-reliability/ 2005OEFArmy . Rob van der Linde Sometimes I have a hard time believing these really low failure rates, as I get way higher failure rates than that… more like 70-80% of drives die Zeratul Zum "Samsung’s hard drive division was acquired by Seagate in 2011" Well, that explains those failure rates. It also matters how the drives are shipped as to the failure rate, and the conditions they're subjected to.

WD Caviar Black - the only way to go. 4TB, 2TB WD Green - Good drives for storage, still not had any fail. https://f001.backblaze.com/file/Backblaze_Blog/hard-drive-stats/computing_failure_rates+copy.pdf Stefan Sonnenberg-carstens No, it just shows how the dimensions time, number of drives and number of failures are merged in a misterious way. They had zero hard drive failures in Q1 2016. On the other hand, we still have over 4,500 HGST 2TB drives in operation.

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